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Giving back over $1 million to College Station schools since 1999.


Teacher Grants guidelines and application can be found on the Application & Info page.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2017 Grant Process

The Grant Writing Process is EASY-Apply Today!

Q.  When is the grant due?

            Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Q.  Are you offering any workshops/info sessions?

            Workshops during the YOU MATTER conference on Thursday, August 17th

Q.  How much can I ask for?

      (*A teacher and/or group of same teachers may not receive multiple grants for the same school year.)

             Up to $2,000 for an individual teacher grant

             Up to $5,000 for group grant, ie. grade level, dept. or campus

             Up to $10,000 for a dual+ campus grant, i.e. more than one campus

             Up to $20,000 for a district-wide grant  

Q.  When are grants awarded?

            Thursday, November 9th during Grant Patrol

Q.  When does funding occur?

             Budget codes available immediately and grant items should be ordered by December 8th.

Q.  When should grants be implemented?

              Immediately after you receive your supplies.