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Giving back over $1 million to College Station schools since 1999.
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In 2017, the CSISD Education Foundation awarded $59,000 in student scholarships. The Foundation accepts funds from alumni, businesses, and community donors to support the dreams of CSISD students with scholarships for higher education.
Current scholarships are listed below.
Interested in starting a scholarship? Click HERE for more information or you can always contact us. If you have received a scholarship, contact us to tell us your success story.
A&M Consolidated High School Class of 1962 Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created by the Class of 1962 in 2003 to provide funds for a scholarship to a deserving graduating senior at A&M Consolidated High School. The funds left over after a reunion made up the beginning of this scholarship and it has since grown into an endowed scholarship.  Student Eligibility: Must be diligent and hard-working, pursuing a 2- or 4-year degree following high school graduation and, preference may be given for financial need.
A&M Consolidated High School Classes of 2011, 2012 & 2017 Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created by the AMCHS Classes of 2011 & 2012, to provide funds for a scholarship to a deserving graduating senior at A&M Consolidated High School. The funds left over from their funds raised over their four years as students made up the beginning of this scholarship.  The Class of 2017 has recently been added to this scholarship.  Student Eligibility: Minimum 3.0 GPA, involvement in a variety of school activities, involvement in service organizations, exhibits leadership and acceptance to an accredited college/university.
A&M Consolidated High School Scholarship for the Preservation of Aquatic Resources
Matthew Young, former A&M Consolidated Science teacher, founded this scholarship to help students pursue the study of our natural environment with the intent to understand the impact that humans have had on these ecosystems. Some of the most significant issues that we face as a species will concern our exponential human population growth as compared with our finite amount of resources. Student Eligibility: Acceptance into a 4-year college, intent to graduate with a degree in marine biology, oceanography, natural resource management or a closely related field, and AMCHS graduate with a GPA of 3.25 or higher.
A&M Consolidated High School Tiger Club Scholarship
The purpose of the Tiger Club scholarship is to recognize athletic participation, promote good sportsmanship, encourage high scholastic achievement among all athletes at AMCHS and assist with the cost of higher education. There will be five $1,000 scholarships awarded to Senior Varsity student athletes, including team managers, cheerleaders and Maroon Men. Three of these five will be for student athletes whose parent/guardian are current Tiger Club members by Dec. 31 of the current school year and two scholarships will be open to any student athlete who meet the eligibility criteria. Student Eligibility: AMCHS senior who has participated in a high school sport for at least 2 full seasons, one being their senior year. Team managers, AMCHS cheerleaders and Maroon Men are eligible, must exemplify good sportsmanship (athletes with suspensions or ejections will not be considered), GPA of 2.5 or higher, and must be attending a post-secondary institution.
James & Carol Barrett Endowed Scholarship
The James and Carol Barrett Scholarship was created in 2004 to honor two individuals who put children first. For many years, their dedication to family, schools and the community made both James and Carol role models for our students and staff. This scholarship was underwritten by the Renegades, a men’s Bible study group of which James was an integral part before he lost his battle with ALS in 2005. Today, Carol and her husband Mike Ashfield continue to fund the scholarship and their work of dedicating their lives to church, family, the district and community.  Student Eligibility: Demonstrates a strong level of commitment to community service, GPA of at least 2.5 and financial need.
Benny Beaver Cougar Spirit Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2016 to honor the memory of Benny Beaver who worked as a paraprofessional at College Station High School.  In his own words, "he bled purple," and he was frequently seen supporting students at extra-curricular activities. He loved working with students and was a lifelong learner. Student Eligibility: CSHS senior, financial need, community service, participates in a variety of extracurricular activities, and represents the C.O.U.G.A.R.S. qualities.
Richard Benning Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2006 in memory of Richard Benning by his family. Richard and Letty Benning have two children who were involved in many activities as they attended the College Station schools. Richard and Letty supported the schools and their children in many ways, serving as PTO presidents at each of their schools and attending any and every function that occurred. Principals and sponsors could always depend upon their support throughout their children’s school years. They made a huge impact on all children they helped and supported. Their service will long be remembered and treasured. When Richard lost his battle with cancer, Letty and the children felt that this scholarship would be a way Richard could keep on giving to the schools and community that he loved so much.  Student Eligibility: Involvement in school activities, have held a job during high school, GPA of at least 3.0 and financial need.
The Berry Family Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2015 by Dr. Leonard and County Commissioner Nancy Berry and will be awarded beginning in 2017.  Dr. Berry retired from the board of directors of Lowe's after 17 years of service.  In appreciation for Professors Berry's service to Lowe's, the company's charitable and educational foundation made a donation to a non-profit of his choice.  Prof. Berry and Nancy chose to create the scholarship to help a promising CSISD student continue his or her education beyond high school.  The Berry's sons, Matthew (1988) and Jonathan (1991), are both graduates of A&M Consolidated High School.  Student Eligibility: Open to any graduating senior from CSISD, must have maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 and have financial need.  May be used for technical school, junior college or 4-year university.
Brazos County Retired School Personnel Scholarship
This scholarship, created in 2002, is awarded to a student interested in pursuing a career in education. It is based on academic achievement, involvement in school activities, service to the community and school. Student Eligibility: Intends to pursue a career in education, GPA of at least 2.5 and financial need.
Brazos Valley Republican Club Scholarship
This scholarship, created in 2017 by the Brazos Valley Republican Club, is awarded to a student who has thought about and written an essay on the virtue of integrity. The value of integrity seems to be misunderstood and lacking today in our public and private lives. Student Eligibility: Submit an essay about the word "integrity" and its implications as a personal and social virtue. Must fill out supplemental application.
Art and Myra Bright Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created by Art and Myra Bright in 2001. It is to be awarded based on a student’s academic achievement, involvement in math competitions and desire to pursue an education focusing on Math. Art was an educator in CSISD for over 50 years, including principal of A&M High School, coach of several boys and girls sports teams and a math educator.  Myra worked as the energy manager for the district for many years.  We were saddened when we lost Art Bright in the winter of 2015.  Student Eligibility: AMCHS senior who intends to pursue a degree in math or pursue a career that uses math as the focus.

Mary L. Broussard Achievement Scholarship                                                                                                                                     This scholarship was created in 2016 by Dr. Albert Broussard.  It was established to honor Mary L. Broussard’s three terms on the College Station School Board and her various service on committees and boards through the Brazos Valley.  They include the Brazos Valley African American Museum, United Way, St. Joseph’s Hospital Systems Board and the Brazos Valley Food Bank.  She was a Jefferson Award winner from the Brazos Valley and competed in Washington, DC at the national level.  Student Eligibility:  Minimum GPA of 3.0, involvement in community service and extracurricular activities, and financial need.

H.R. Burnett Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship, created in 2005, is based on academic achievement, involvement in school activities, and service to the community and school. Dr. Burnett was with the District for 25 years and served in various capacities such superintendent, personnel director and principal at College Hills Elementary and College Station Junior High. He dedicated his life to helping young people become the best educators possible. His wife Cherry, a retired teacher and librarian in the district, also spent her life giving back to the students of College Station. Their three children all graduated from CSISD and have continued to give to their local communities in many ways. Student Eligibility: GPA of at least a 2.5, involvement in school activities and community service, and financial need.
Lisa Carey Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is given in memory of Lisa Marie Carey (AMCHS Class of 2000) who was an active member of the band and color guard throughout her high school career.  It is funded by her father, John Carey, and is awarded to provide financial support to a graduating senior that has been actively involved in color guard at A&M Consolidated High School. Student Eligibility:  Must have been actively involved in the color guard at A&M Consolidated for at least two years, one of which being their senior year. 
Doyle Coats Academic Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2008 by Jessie Liu, in honor of Doyle Coats who taught algebra and geometry to Jessie for two years during high school. In addition, his wife, Linda, was Jessie’s speech team coach and literary magazine sponsor. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic excellence and commitment to public service. Student Eligibility: AMCHS senior who demonstrates strong commitment to community service and a GPA of at least 3.5.
D. Brooks Cofer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
The Brazos County Bar Association created a scholarship in 2007 for the Bryan-College Station High Schools for a student interested in possibly pursuing law as a career. The purpose is to encourage high school students to begin formulating their long term goals as early as possible. Members of the bar association believe in the integrity and honor in the legal profession and wish to promote that interest
among our high school students.  Student Eligibility: Pursuing law as an educational goal and GPA of at least 3.5.  Must answer additional essay question.
Copy Corner Scholarship for Community Service
This scholarship will be awarded based on academic achievement, involvement in school activities, and service to the community and school. Larry Hodges, owner of Copy Corner, is a strong supporter of CSISD in many ways and this scholarship, created in 2003, is another example of Larry’s passion for education and for helping kids succeed. Student Eligibility: Commitment to community service, GPA of at least a 2.5 and financial need.
CSISD Education Foundation Scholarships
The CSISD Education Foundation was created to support the educational programs for both students and staff of the College Station Independent School District in addition to awarding scholarships to selected graduating seniors. The Education Foundation has been awarding scholarships since 2001.  These scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement, involvement in school activities, and service to the community and school. Student Eligibility: GPA of at least a 3.0, involvement/leadership in school activities, and community service.
Allison Davis Memorial Scholarship
The Allison Davis Memorial Scholarship was created in 2010 in memory of Allison Davis, the first assistant choir director at A&M Consolidated High School, who was killed in a car accident. Allison’s love for music and teaching inspired her mother, Brenda Moreland, to establish this scholarship. Student Eligibility: Must be a member of the AMCHS choir program, a minimum GPA of at least 3.0, and intends to pursue a career in music and/or music education.
Lt. Col. Vernon Files Scholarship
This scholarship was created by David Gardner (AMCHS Class of 1974) to honor his cooperative education teacher, Lt. Col. Vernon Files.  As an expression of his appreciation, David, who is the owner of David Gardner's Jewelers, awards this scholarship to a Career Preparation student from CSISD.  Student Eligibility:  Must be a Career Preparation student and have a passing GPA.
Ashley Lorraine Hobbs Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was funded by many friends and family of Ashley Lorraine Hobbs who was a special education teacher at both A&M Consolidated High School and College Station High School.  After Ashley lost her battle with cancer, a fund was set up to help those interested in pursuing special education as a career in her memory.  Student Eligibility:  Must be majoring in education with an emphasis in special education.
Darien Jochen Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2013 in memory of Darien Jochen by her family.  Darien was an eleven-year-old student at Cypress Grove Intermediate when she lost her battle to cancer in 2000.  Her siblings, Vincent, Paige and Karis are all graduates of A&M Consolidated High School.  Her parents, John and Valerie, supported the CSISD schools and their children in many ways - serving on PTOs at each of their schools, attending any and every function, and serving on the CSISD school board.  John and Valerie believe that athletics and involvement in some additional school or community activities is important and the family felt this scholarship would be a way to thank those that supported their family over the years and give back to a student that possesses these qualities.  Student Eligibility:  Must have maintained an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher, played a high school sport all four years, and have additional school or community service beyond being a member of a church youth group.
Ed King Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2006 to honor the life of Ed King by Ed’s family and the Tiger Club. Ed tragically lost his life in a car accident during his freshman year in college. The fund was initiated by Ed’s school family and friends. The family chose to use the money raised to honor Ed’s life and develop a scholarship that would allow graduating seniors from A&M Consolidated an opportunity to attend college or trade school. The 2006-2007 student body held a “Hats off to Ed” day to raise funds in his honor. Though Ed had graduated the prior year, his impact on the current student body was still very strong. Ed’s model of positive character, humanitarian spirit and commitment to community service will live on in the recipients of this scholarship. Student Eligibility: Possess a positive character, noted for having a caring humanitarian spirit towards all, GPA of at least a 2.5, demonstrates a strong level of commitment to community service, and priority will be given for financial need.
Mike Patterson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2006 in memory of former Assistant Police Chief Mike Patterson by his wife, Jan, fellow officers and friends at the College Station Police Department. He will long be remembered for his appreciation of people, his zest for life and infectious grin. Mike loved to meet and interact with any and everyone. He was particularly interested in those who seemed to be “falling through the cracks” and had a special ability to connect with these young people to help them find meaning in life. Mike’s pursuit of his Master’s degree at Texas A&M fueled his passion about education and community service. He was a model for lifelong learning and for giving of oneself. His friends and family felt that a scholarship to a student in need would be the best way to honor his memory. Student Eligibility: Priority given to student pursuing trade or technical school/college, student must be a hard worker and giving of him/herself but not necessarily an honor roll student, and financial need.
Susan & Bill Patton Scholarship
The Susan & Bill Patton Scholarship was created in 2010 by parents of Susan's first grade class to honor Susan who was a first grade teacher at Forest Ridge Elementary. Since then, Susan & Bill have chosen to continue the scholarship by donating personally to the Foundation. Susan taught for 38 years, 32 of which have been in College Station ISD at South Knoll and Forest Ridge Elementaries. She has also been an instructional coach and taught methods classes at Texas A&M.  Bill taught for 37 years, 30 of which were in CSISD at College Hills Elementary and A&M Consolidated High School.  Bill continues to drive a bus for CSISD and you will often hear him emceeing the sub-varsity football games.  Student Eligibility: Intends to pursue a career in education, and a minimum GPA of 3.0.
Jane Pulley Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was created by Jane Pulley's family to honor her.  Jane taught physical science, chemistry and biology at A&M Consolidated High School from 1976 to 1989 and is remembered by many as one of their favorite teachers.  She was a Girl Scout leader and volunteer for over 45 years, with both daughter and three granddaughters earning their First Class or Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouting.  This scholarship is to also encourage students to remain active in Girl Scouts and to continue her legacy of service.  Student Eligibility: AMCHS senior, been an active Girl Scout throughout high school, and completed over 200 hours of service in high school.  Priority will be given to a girl who attended Camp Howdy and/or who has completed her Girl Scout Gold Award.
Dillard P. Spriggs Scholarship For Writing and Global Citizenship
The scholarship was created in loving memory of Dillard Spriggs and his passion for writing, inquiry, and world affairs. While Dillard lived most of his adult life in New York City, he had a great love for College Station, which formed him. He graduated from A&M Consolidated HS in 1942. In 1940, as a junior, he and his friend Henry Gilchrist founded, edited, and published a newspaper for Consolidated, “The Round-Up.” As editors, they reported the news and crafted editorials which urged fellow students, school administrators, and the community at large to create a better College Station. Dillard’s college education was interrupted by WWII. His eyewitness experiences in Germany in the 69th Infantry Division led to his 1949 master’s thesis on the United Nations Convention on Genocide and his continued fascination with world affairs. Eventually this interest, his writing, reporting, and analytical abilities led him to become a pre-eminent analyst of the oil industry on Wall Street in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. In memory of Dillard, each year, his family and friends would like to award a scholarship to a college-bound Consolidated graduate.  Student Eligibility: AMCHS senior who demonstrates interest and talent in writing, possesses an independent mind and the ability to look at the world from a diverse perspective, and has demonstrated interest in bettering the world, such as being active within the school or community. Must answer additional essay question.
Texas Democratic Women of the Brazos Valley Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2008 and was set up by the local chapter of the Texas Democratic Women to encourage young women to continue their participation in political activities, particularly within the Democratic Party. Student Eligibility: for young women who demonstrate interest in political activities particularly within the Democratic Party.
Dean Wile Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2015 by Julia & David Gardner, along with Dean's sisters Coleen Hohn and Pat Kiolbasa, in memory of Dean Wile.  Dean helped open David Gardner's Jewelers in 1983.  Growing up, Dean loved agriculture and all things mechanical.  He grew up on a farm and was involved in both FFA and 4H.  The hope is that this scholarship will benefit a FFA student.  Student Eligibility: Minimum two-year membership in FFA, minimum 2.5 GPA, majoring in an agriculture-related field, and must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.  Community service a plus.