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Teacher Grants

Let us tell you a story

The College Station ISD Education Foundation is pleased to provide opportunities annually for our teachers to apply for innovative teaching grants. The mission of these grants is to bring innovation and excitement into our classrooms.

"Empowering Student Productivity and Accessibility: Student Publication Technology Initiative" - AMCHS

This grant saved the yearbook program for the Class of 2020!  At the start of the 2019 fall semester, Consol yearbook sponsor, Freda Carraway hoped that the purchase of laptops and software would offer her students the ability to work minimally on pages at home or for remote reporting. Little did they know with the COVID-19 closures, the ability to work remotely on a program would actually enable the student staff to finish the last two deadlines for the year and be in a position to distribute the yearbook on the originally scheduled date!  Mrs. Carraway said, "We are so blessed that we had this technology so that we could finish a yearbook that will likely be one of the most cherished pieces of memorabilia that these students will own from an unprecedented time in their lives.” Special thanks to Dexter Insurance for sponsoring this grant!

"Moving Mountains with a Motorlab" - Greens Prairie Elementary

The Motor-Lab engages the littlest learners to develop fine and gross motor skills. The Moving Mountains Squeezer builds emotional and physical development through fun and interactive play, while showing them the purpose of their movements. The grant moves mountains for 200 children a year, including students in Head-Start, PreK, Kinder, 1st, and special education.  

"Bowling for Dollars" - College Hills Elementary 

Students build math skills and engage in exercise as they learn to bowl! New bowlers practice currency counting along with addition and subtraction during PE. The teaching grant is a “perfect strike” for 740 students each year and was sponsored by Pride Cleaners.