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Fund a Scholarship

Make a Lasting Mark on CSISD

The CSISD Education Foundation is excited to help facilitate and manage both annual and endowed scholarships.  Our scholarship committee comprised of EF board members and high school counselors select winners annually based on an application process.

Annual Scholarships

These scholarships are given annually through a donation made each year by the donor.  They range from a one-time award to an ongoing annual award by the supporter.  Naming rights and qualification parameters may be decided by the donor. The minimum donation amount is $500 but the Foundation encourages at least a $1,000 donation since the cost of higher education has risen tremendously over the past decade.

Endowed Scholarships

These scholarships require a minimum $25,000 donation (may be donated over a 5-year period). Up to 4% of the interest made off the corpus amount will be awarded annually. Naming rights and qualification parameters may be decided by the donor.  These scholarships will continue in perpetuity because the original donation amount is never used.  

Donors are invited to an annual scholarship reception in May to help award their scholarship and meet their respective recipients.

Ways to support an Education Foundation Scholarship

Want to create and fund a new scholarship?