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Teaching Grants

Awarded Grants

Here is a list of teaching grants that were awarded in 2022-23 school year!

What You Plant Today, You'll Harvest Tomorrow Amber Jones - AMCHS Agricultural science teachers will collaborate with each other to teach students the process of growing plants/vegetables/flowers from seed in a protected environment. $7,500 Schultz Engineering - Joe & Julie Schultz
Fly to Learn - A Drones-for-Education Project Trey Bevans -AMCHS CTE teachers will use drones to teach students computer maintenance and game design concepts through a fun and engaging medium. $2,489 Oldham Goodwin Group / Greens Prairie Reserve
Learning on Display Paula Downie - AMCHS Students will use projectors to share and display lab results. These displays will include the components of the Argument Driven Instruction whiteboard (Title, Claim, Graph, Analysis, and Justification). In a gallery walk fashion, students will rotate from group to group evaluating each other's work and providing valuable feedback. $2,445 ANCO Insurance
Graffiti Club Eden Fielder - AMCHS The purpose of the Graffiti club is to learn about the history of graffiti, learn graffiti techniques and styles, and develop graffiti techniques with practice. Our club will benefit the school by creating a safe space for artistic expression outside of the classroom and by creating banners to support school related activities and displaying graffiti in positive ways. $988 VLK Architects, Inc.
Spreading Joy with a Happy Cart Elizabeth Engelhardt - AMCHS When Hump Day comes around, we often need a little pick-me-up. My students are spreading joy by delivering free snacks to teachers on a Happy Cart. $705 Geralyn & Mark Nolan
Students Helping Students; Build a Computer Lab Michael Howard - AMCHS CTE teachers for Computer Maintenance, Networking, and Cyber Citizenship will collaborate to teach students to assemble computers, install their software, and deploy them at another CSISD school. These computers will outfit a whole computer lab which will then be utilized by an entire 7th and 8th grade campus. $13,947 St. Joseph Health
Getting my hands working AKA: Job and Life Skills in a Box CSISD Special Services - District Wide Students in specialized programs need to have a repetitive practice of job skills, which they can do with work tasks in a box. Hands-on Task Inc, provides ready-made work tasks that can be used over and over again. $24,180 Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital
Unlocking the Air Waves for Modern Live Streaming Stephen Green - Muliti Campus Students will use cutting edge broadcasting equipment to provide ultra high definition live streams of events and performances within their schools. With the purchase of industry-standard equipment, students will be exposed to modern industry standards and vastly increase the quality of the videos they produce. The benefits of this grant will directly affect high school campuses and viewers in the greater B/CS community. $15,000 The Rife Law Firm
Adding it up and subtracting it out through design manufacturing Trisha Jordan - Multi Campus Engineering teachers will collaborate to teach students how to create 3d models and then manufacture their design by either 3d printing (additive) or milling with CNC routing machine (subtractive). $9,885 VLK Architects, Inc.
Pepping up Partner PE Randi Daniel - Multi Campus Students with moderate to severe special needs will enhance participation in their Partner PE classes using standard and adapted equipment $11,307 Brazos Spine
Find Your Light: Taking Theatrical Lighting Outdoors Beth Creel - CSHS Theatre students will explore outdoor and event lighitng through a portable, battery operated lighting system capable of providing customized and dynamic lighting looks for multiple campus groups. $7,548 Schaefer Custom Homes
"What Am I Even Looking At, Bro?" Jay Summers - CSHS Forensic Science teachers will collaborate to enhance student learning and understanding of trace evidence found at crime scenes using different magnification sources $7,448 Brazos Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Instructional Technology to Enhance Student Engagement and Creativity Clinton Rahn - CSHS There is a need to diversify the ways students can express themselves as they learn material. We want to improve student performance, and technology can help them accomplish this aim. Technology provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn. It enables students to explore new subjects and deepen their understanding of difficult concepts. The Advanced Geography Teachers wish to enable new avenues of creativity. $7,280 Avinext
Timers for Chess Club Christoffer Becho - CSHS Students in Chess Club will be able to use competitive-type timers during matches and practice. This will allow students to play chess games in a more rigorous and "official" chess environment. $160 Delwyn Hocker
CSISD Chemistry Road Show Jeremy Dockan - Multi Campus College Station High School AP Chemistry teacher and students will develop and complete demonstrations for South Knoll students in order to grow their excitement for science. $10,986 C.C. Creations, Ltd.
Mind and Body - Exercise for Success Krissy Wallace - CVHS Physical Education teacher will advocate the life long physical and mental benefits of physical activities during their Skill-Based Lifetime Activities class. $2,441 Truist
Aiming for Success Kimberly Rife - CVHS Students in need of professional photography equipment will learn how to shoot photographs for social media, commercial, and professional use. $1,859 Fig-Mint Photography
Drone Racing Club Matthew Bywater - AMCMS Students will be given an opportunity to learn about and compete in drone racing all the way up to a National competition. $885 Pride Cleaners
Engineering Production Lab Matthew Bywater - Mulit Campus We will utilize CNC (computer numerical control) machines in order to engage students in the Engineering Design Process and afford students experience and immediate feedback using technology that will bridge current learning to future technology use. $5,994 Gladney Automotive Solutions
Engineering our Future through Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Fey Hysmith This opportunity will allow middle school engineering students to move beyond pencil drawings and jerky mouse movements to demonstrate a knowledge of drafting, and to use industry standard visualization techniques and media to complete a series of drawings that can be published by various media. $2,481 Amarillo National Bank
Easy Peasy Otamatone Squeezy! Amanda Byrne - Cypress Grove Students in general music and orchestra will use this innovative instrument, an otomotone, to explore the electonic music realm. The otamatone will not only reinforce musical concepts in a fun way, but will also reinforce the techinque used to play other musical instruments both in general music and orchestra classes. $3,930 James & Tommie Haverland
Building the Village Jessica Norton - Cypress Grove The campus design team will implement a system that provides opportunities for students and staff to build relationships through fun activities that promote positive behavior, teamwork, and social-emotional wellbeing. $3,000 Brazos Valley Orthodontics - Dr. Gary & Rachelle Gardner
"Can You Hear Me Now?" Kendra Palasota - Cypress Grove PE teachers and other school wide administrators/teachers/PTO will use the microphone device/system so that sound in the gym is able to travel at a further distance and all students are able to hear through the entire area. A handheld megaphone is currently being used in the gym area and us teachers are facing different difficulties throughout the day which include the following: sound is too low, not all students are able to hear. $2,170 Imagine Learning
Laser Focused on STEAM Christine Grafe - Cypress Grove In an attempt to introduce art students to emerging technologies in art, this grant would add laser cutting and engraving to our arsenal of tools. This tool will allow us to add student designs and creations onto materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, and more. $1,898 Kent Moore Cabinets
This is How We Roll, This is How We Move Micaela Eagle - Cypress Grove Theatre classes will be able to transport class supplies to and from storage more efficiently. Students move supplies between the storage and classroom, as well as storage and the stage. They will also use these storage carts to learn how to organize props, etc. for a theatrical production. $1,137 Herff Jones - Calvin Waida
Icon Impact Allison Gilmore - Cypress Grove All campus teachers will be able to display depth and complexity icons magnets to enhance and differentiate every lesson. $1,080 Merrill Lynch - Tim Johnson
Construction Science Lab Matthew Herring - Cypress Grove This grant will develop a foundational Construction Science Lab where students will learn the importance of tool safety, tool identification, proper tool use, and implementation of construction knowledge by creating strategic projects from planning to build. The students will develop a profound understanding of how to properly use a tape measure, hammer, basic screw drivers, speed square, and a variety of power tools to build a project of their choosing. $951 Stylecraft
Fab Lab - A Maker Space Innovation Lab Phase 2 Allison Gilmore - Cypress Grove We have a maker space area in our school that all teachers and students have access to. Students are enjoying Maker Space Mondays and Fab Lab Fridays so much that we are expanding our lab with more activities and resources. To accommodate these changes and the growth, we need more storage cabinets for all of our supplies. $636 Caldwell Country Chevrolet
Get on Board with Math Christi Findley - Oakwood Math teachers will incorporate board games into their independent practice time in their classroom to make learning more engaging along with providing enrichment for learners who need a challenge. The games will also be used before school to encourage turn-taking, team-work, and other Social and Emotional Learning. $2,613 Jim & Linda Woods
Reading Through Your Senses Maria Salles - Oakwood English Language Arts teachers, reading interventionists, special education teachers, and ESL teacher will engage students that display learning disabilities and or language barriers in multisensory reading by using headsets to utilize the multiple resources the district offers through Clever. $2,555 James & Jill Faith
Weed it and Reap! A STEM Garden Club Allison Dent - Oakwood Math and science teachers will guide students as they work collaboratively in the roles of scientists, engineers, and technicians to tackle garden-based design challenges requiring creativity, ingenuity, and STEM know-how. $999 Jim & Linda Woods
The Art of Conversation Michelle Prukop - Pecan Trail The ESL teachers will utilize headphones with microphones to enrich emergent bilingual language acquisition. $1,175 SafeWay Driving
Treats for the Mind: A Book Vending Machine with Literary Snacks Debbie Leland - Pecan Trail A book vending machine will be filled with a variety of books on different reading levels, and topics that will interest 5th and 6th grade students. Tokens will be given to students to choose a book to take home and keep for their home library. Some of the titles will have information that supports curriculum standards in math, science, social studies, art, music, and health/wellness as well as ELA. $9,389 Engel & Volkers
Health and PE Teacher Collaboration CSISD Elementary PE Teachers Funding the 99th Annual TAHPERD Convention hotel/travel fees for Elementary PE Teachers to help cast a vision for the future of CSISD Health and PE and experience the tremendous opportunities provided at this conference. $2,377 St. Joseph Health
An Apple A Day Helps Kids Grow Everyday Rita Fernandes - College Hills Help students reach their full potential by providing iPads to help them learn phonics and phonological skills to promote oral language development to become strong readers and writers. $2,568 Century Square
Literacy Linguists en español Elizabeth Vega - College Hills The Kindergarten Spanish teacher in dual language will use Spanish phonics and literacy apps on iPads to enhance and increase oral language growth, reading in Spanish, and vocabulary development for their students. $2,247 First Financial Bank
Cafe 600 Magen Lanfear - College Hills Special Education teachers will collaborate with students to help students succeed in their reading, writing, and math literacy skills needed for the real world through selling coffee. $659 Mark & Teresa Benden
Using Numbers to Develop Our Minds Christina Moring - Creek View Teachers will be able to utilize the Developing Number Concept kits to create an engaging, screen-free alternative for math stations. This also makes it easier on the teacher because these kits are ready-to-use at a moments notice. $7,095 Stylecraft
Future World Changers Amy Toland - Creek View We are asking kids to become problem solvers and I want to give them the tools to create prototypes for solving these problems. $757 The Rife Law Firm
Playing with our Emotions! Allison Jones - Multi Campus In the Communication Academic and Social Learning (CASL) program, our students live in a world of many colors and variations of those colors. Our students grow with direct teaching social stories, and an opportunity to apply it! This grant would fund a variety of social skills games that teach our students how to interact with their peers and how to cope with frustrating situations in a fun way! $2,479 Wilton's OfficeWorks
Let's Play the STEAM Way! Supporting Innovation and Creativity in Early Childhood/SPED Riley Dickson - Forest Ridge Early Childhood and SPED teachers will collaborate to develop age and ability appropriate structures and activities that engage our young learners in opportunities of innovation and creativity. Through these meaningful hands-on STEAM experiences, children will develop positive perceptions and dispositions towards STEAM and prepare them for the 21st century. $6,291 Jeremy Osborne
Print, Produce, Publish Libby Louder - Forest Ridge Instructional Team Leaders will elevate our current campus-wide enrichment initiative, developed from our strategic design framework, centered on Create, through the development of a student publishing center focusing on the strategic design best practices of Problem-Solving, Creativity, Innovation, Goal Setting, Autonomy, and Entrepreneurship. $5,806 Andrews Orthodontics
Tenacious Technology; Teaching Coders of the World Kenia Bernal - Forest Ridge Students will colaborate with each other to create and generate computer codes that will work to move robots. $4,287 Texas A&M University - Office of the President
Inspiring Mozarts and Vivaldis of the 21st century Olena Stuart - Forest Ridge The students will learn the fundamentals of music composition and performance through sound exploration, pattern building, and teamwork by using electronic keyboards. $1,158 Prosperity Bank
Literacy Treats - Books for Book Vending Machines Elementary Librarians - Multi Campus The Literacy Treats project aims to improve reading and socio-emotional skills for elementary students. The project will promote literacy and good character for ~3,000 students at six elementary campuses. Literacy Treats instructs children in positive behavior and rewards good character by giving the student a token to select a book from a book vending machine. $4,990 Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage
Full Immersion: Classroom Transformations to Foster Maximum Student Engagement Michelle Lindner - Greens Prairie Third grade teachers will transform their classrooms into a racetrack, campsite, spy room, construction zone, or sweet shop to engage students in their learning. $3,409 Matt & Kim Ege
Totally Cubular! Victoria Dean - Greens Prairie Elementary students will engage in critical thinking and analytical skills while challenging their minds to create Rubik's cube mosaics to share with the school community. $2,248 Southern Smiles Dentistry
Impact Language Ipads! Michelle Prukop - Greens Prairie ESL students will develop English language acquisition through the implementation of engaging hands of ipads. $963 H-E-B
Coffee Cart- Connecting our School Community Jessica McMurray - Greens Prairie Classroom teachers & students will team with Life Skills teachers & students to serve coffee to staff and guests in morning assembly. Including others is a skill that is fostered both in and outside the classroom. The creation of a coffee cart business that is managed and operated by Life Skills and general education students and teachers spotlights the necessity of inclusion. $957 Culpepper Realty
Snack on Books: Treats for Your Brain Heather Jankowski - Multi Campus A book vending machine filled with a variety of books will be placed in the heart of the school. Students will be able to earn tokens by practicing good social and academic skills to "buy" books from the machine. The books will become their forever books for their home libraries. This grant application is to purchase one machine for both campuses listed. $14,724 Culpepper Realty
Cracking the CODE on the COVID Reading Crisis Candy McGuire - Pebble Creek Reading Teachers on our campus will be empowered by the FlyLeaf Decodable Books to Remember series, which contains over 80 titles that are supplemented by evidence-based instructional materials that help students instantly become better readers. These books not only follow a systematic phonics structure that students so desperately need following the loss of instructional time during Covid, but they enable students to successfully apply phonics skills while enjoying meaningful reading experiences at school and home. $10,168 H-E-B
Learning in the Great Outdoors Sarah Dixon - Pebble Creek Where would you prefer to spend a school day- sitting at your desk under the fluorescent lights of a classroom or exploring science and math through gardens, reading in hammocks, or learning with your teacher and classmates in a non-traditional classroom while soaking in the sunshine? The answer is a no brainer for our teachers and students- LEARNING IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS! $7,604 Element Retirement & Investment Consultants - Eric & Joey Wylie
Learning Science the WRITE Way Heather Rasmussen - Pebble Creek Writing about science can seem daunting. However, it is important and critical that teachers set the foundation of learning for them to be successful in writing about science. Therefore, students need a print-rich environment and inquiry-based experiences. $7,443 Dexter & Co. Insurance
I Can Be a Scientist! Stephanie Arnold - River Bend This grant would provide materials that will give our students real hands-on science experiences. These stations will be used all year and will cover all of the 2nd grade science TEKS. $1,000 Copy Corner
Spotlighting the Senses for Self-Control Carrie Morgan - River Bend While our EC and Kinder students visit the Motor Lab to learn how to move in control, they also visit an Active Calming Center to learn that moving can help us feel in control. With this grant, we'll add practicing the Ground Technique where students focus their attention on their senses in order to calm anxiety and other big emotions. With routine practice, students will grow up experienced in a complete self-control toolbox. $402 Britt Rice Electric, L.P.
Give Us Wings so We Can Fly! Lisa Brister - Rock Prairie Our 1st-grade teachers would like to provide an engaging and hands-on opportunity for our students to learn about life cycles. In order to allow our students, an up-close view of the entire cycle of a chick and a frog, we would love to have incubators and warming trays for each of our six classrooms. $1,529 In Memory of Jan Fechhelm
artFULLY Booked Kellie Meza The Art Room's class library will be stocked with books related to the following themes: art history, community, diversity, elements of art, growth mindset, jobs in art, illustration awards, and principles of design. $965 Brazos Spine
Making Math Interactive and Engaging Mary Worley - Rock Prairie Using hands on materials for Special Education Math Resource setting to engage students in learning. These resources will allow the students who have special learning needs, attention disorders, and resist traditional mathematical practice and prefer hands on activities to learn in a fun and enjoyable setting. $522 Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital
I'll See You Around Town Angela Guy - South Knoll Students will apply their Social Studies learning of community helpers to create and act-out their own representations of our community and neighborhoods using various building blocks, wooden structures, and through imaginative play. $5,470 Texas A&M University - Office of the Chancellor
Student-Led Morning Announcements News Studio Leah Hoffpauir Stroud - Southwood Valley A news studio will be created for 4th grade students to record the morning announcements live for the entire campus to watch. $3,282 Dr. Leonard & Nancy Berry
Mobile MakerSpace Amanda Kim - Southwood Valley Second grade teachers will create a mobile MakerSpace- a cart of STEM bins for students to bring their ideas to life! $1,966 Schultz Engineering - Joe & Julie Schultz
Early Education Spring Family Cook-Off Alma Garcia - Central Office Family Advocates will host a 1st ever Family Cook-off event for CSISD Head Start and Pre-K families, centered on family bonding and father engagement. This event will teach families how to create low cost outdoor activities, the importance of routines and family bonding, and on Father inclusion. We aspire to create a meaningful experience that will inspire our incoming families to continue a positive connection with the community, schools, and most importantly their family. $3,133 Britt Rice Electric, L.P.
Move to Learn Melissa Crouch - Spring Creek Students will be able to increase their cognitive functioning skills during recess and appropriate break in a given day at school. $3,505 Atmos Energy
The EdTech Cohort Lauryn Fiechtner - District Wide Teachers will apply for the Edtech Cohort. Membership in the cohort includes 1:1 devices for the classroom, professional learning and coaching support for teachers. $25,023 Caldwell Country Chevrolet


Awarded Grants 2021-2022

Grant Title Lead Teacher/Campus Grant Summary Amount Sponsor
If You're Green You're Growing Amber Jones - AMCHS Teaching students the plant growth cycle by using the grow cart and hydroponics system $1,737 Avinext
3D Print Hands-on Solutions Trey Bevans - AMCHS Students will learn to create digital works and produce them with 3D printers and apply these works in a tangible, hand-on solution. $1,418 Capturing Kids' Hearts
Water exploration, Erosion, Flood Control, Oh My.... Kellye Downing - Rock Prairie Early Childhood team will use a sand and water exploration table to experiment with erosion, flood control, measurement. $3,890 Copy Corner
Success Begins with Chess! Amy Ruiz - Spring Creek Supporting Chess Club with large outdoor chess set $1,057 Oldham Goodwin Group / Greens Prairie Reserve
Interactive Notebooks and Beyond! Jill Emmons - Cypress Grove Using Stream Pro laptops to assist students in completing all classroom activities though technology. $9,540 VLK Architects, Inc.
Treats for the Mind: A Vending Machine with Literary Snacks Kate Cruickshanks - River Bend A vending machine that dispenses books instead of snacks will be used to encourage positive behavior $8,000 Caldwell Country Chevrolet
Book-a-licious: Make Those Kids Go Crazy...For Books! Melinda Marshall - Rock Prairie A vending machine that dispenses books instead of snacks will be used to encourage positive behavior $8,000 Culpepper Realty
Brain Treats: A Vending Machine with Literary Snacks Tracy Moritz A vending machine that dispenses books instead of snacks will be used to encourage positive behavior $8,000 Element Retirement & Investment Consultants
Book Snack-O-RAMA, Yo! Christy Rhodes - Forest Ridge A vending machine that dispenses books instead of snacks will be used to encourage positive behavior $8,000 VLK Architects, Inc.
Food For the Brain- A Vending Machine Full of Books Julie Stuart - South Knoll A vending machine that dispenses books instead of snacks will be used to encourage positive behavior $8,000 Stylecraft
Just Keep Printing Ruth Matthews - Greens Prairie Art and Computer Teachers will get another 3D printer to help with volume of printing needs within the school. $969 The Texas A&M University System, Office of the Chancellor
Creating an Innovative Future Eric Zylman - CSMS Engineering students will use CAD software to create 3D objects that they will then be able to print out and take home. $1,987 TDI-Brooks International, Inc.
Recess Revival: Excited to Move Piper Cameron - Cypress Grove Every student will be able to exert energy and have a brain break using our painted playground activities and gaga ball pit area. $3,261 Brazos Valley Orthodontics
Fight Stage Fright with Puppet Power! Roy Rodriguez - all intermediates Intermediate Theatre Students will incorporate puppets in class to lower performance anxiety in students and help them to develop confidence in theatre arts. $5,972 Amarillo National Bank
Enrichment On Track Christian Parker - Greens Prairie Students will get opportunity to help design and decorate the race landscape, inspired by YouTube channel 3DBotmaker $738 Mark Sykes Photography
Ring-A-Ding Ding! Marla Goodwin - Cypress Grove Music students will practice music reading, performance skills, and team work while playing choir chimes. $1,010 C.C. Creations
A different kind of S.T.E.M: Sensory, Tactile, Emotional and Motor Amy Hartsell -Greens Prairie Early Childhood students will be exposed to various materials to encourage sensory exploration that will enhance fine and gross motor skills, acadmeic knowledge, emotional support and sensory enrichment. $2,700 Oldham Goodwin Group / Greens Prairie Reserve
Let's Roll! Ann Rife - College View HS Sculpture classes are booming at our school so we need to upgrade and increase our equipment in order to facilitate student projects. $1,004 Dexter & Co. Insurance
Welcome Home, Writers: Creating an Inviting and Inspiring Writing Center Mike Williams -AMCHS The fledgling Writing Center needs appropriate furniture/furnishings in order to better/more comfortably serve its student clients. $2,232 Edgenuity
Engaged in Learning- Student-Run Print Shop Lee Graebner - AMCHS & CSHS Students will work with school clubs, organizations, and other clients to design and manufacture t-shirts and other products by utilizing heat transfer print technology. $14,218 Culpepper Realty
Lets Osmo fun in HeadStart! Amanda Edwards - Pebble Creek The Head Start teacher will utilize Osmos during free center time to help students establish skills to help follow directions as well as work towards learning goals. $396 First Financial Bank
Giving Students a Taste of Biotechnology with MiniPCR Josh Munson - CSHS With MiniPCR systems, we can now bring current gene technology to our classrooms. High School biology teachers will collaborate to instruct students about genetic testing via PCR $7,500 Element Retirement & Investment Consultants
Putting a Button on Entrepreneurship for School Spirit Elizabeth Engelhardt - AMCHS Life Skills students will learn a trade skill to be able to join the workforce including making & selling buttons, car scents; shredding for teachers $1,897 Culpepper Realty
Bringing Learning to Light Victoria Dean - Spring Creek First grade students will be given the opportunity to interact within a creative space centered around sensory experiences and manipulative-based learning using Versa Tiles $1,391 Matt & Kim Ege
'Shut the Box' with Family and Friends! Irene Vargas -South Knoll Math teachers will collaborate to teach students learn how to play 'Shut the Box' board game; students can utilize it at school with friends or at home with family members. $3,158 Pride Cleaners
Bridging the Gap by expanding access to MATH! Abby McCartney - South Knoll Will provide math manipulatives, teaching materials, literature, and tools for a newly added dual language classroom $1,013 BB&T now Truist
Build, Play, and Grow As Learners Kristin Hilsabeck - Creek View Students will build, test, and experiment using wooden ramps, balls, and simple machines as a supplement to wood block play as they develop critical thinking and STEM skills. $347 Prosperity Bank
We Got Learning in the Bag! Morgan Gibbs - Greens Prairie Students will be given an "outdoor learning bag" that will allow for a quick transition from the inside classroom to the outdoor classroom. $408 Century Square
We Can Work Together To Write! Lizzie Shaw - Pebble Creek Teachers, parents, and volunteers will create a safe place where students can visit and work on becoming confident, strong and independent writers. $3,975 Jim & Linda Woods
Full STEAM ahead! Michelle Smart - College Hills Create an engaging Maker Space area where students collaborate, design and build using STEAM, to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. $9,336 The Rife Law Firm
Honey, I Shrunk the Art Room! Christine Grafe - Cypress Grove This grant will allow us to purchase a 3D scanner which has the capability of scanning an object (or student, for that matter) to be converted into an STL file for printing on our 3D printers. This will allow students to scan objects to create innovating 3D printed sculptures. $664 Schultz Engineering - Joe & Julie Schultz
It's a House Party Ashby Rowan- Southwood Valley Start a House System to give all students a sense of belonging, motivation, and connection. This will help support all social and emotional learning goals of the campus $8,944 The Rife Law Firm
"Motor-vation" Engaging Early Learners Jennifer Voiles - River Bend Teacher supported, student centered sensori-motor "brain breaks" to enhance classroom performance, by addressing the sensory system of young children. $3,965 Civil Engineering Consultants
Health Science Simulators Sara Lynn Willis - AMCHS Health Science simulators will be used for clinical practice for our health science CTE students. $6,607 Schultz Engineering - Joe & Julie Schultz
High Interest Graphic Novels and Books Marisa Ramirez - Oakwood Provides diverse books and graphic novels available will develop empathy by helping students relate to people who are different from them. $207 Pride Cleaners
Rec'N Recess Julie Hoyle - Pecan Trail This grant will provide a safe and appropriate physical and mental break for students each and every school day effecting all students at our campus. $9,686 H-E-B
Terrific Teaching Through Tablet Technology Michelle Jedlicka - AMCHS Science teachers will use web-based applications to increase student engagement by providing access to additional digital resources. $7,306 Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital
Great Reading Under Construction Amy Hall - Pebble Creek 3rd Grade Literacy Teachers will provide students with hands-on comprehension and word work routines for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. $1,260 Kent Moore Cabinets
Diving into Diverse Book Clubs Cassie Reynolds - Spring Creek 4th grade students will collaborate across the grade level in high-interest middle grade book clubs. $894 Southern Smiles Dentistry
Young Men's Club Josh Sonnenberg - Cypress Grove In this club, we’ll be learning of ways to be a gentleman in our daily lives as well as getting opportunities to connect with each other and enjoy fun activities. $1,000 Dr. Mark & Teresa Benden
Plug Us In And Hold On To Your Hat...We're Teching It Up Fine Arts Style! Micaela Eagle - Cypress Grove Use devices to take current Fine Arts projects to a higher level as well as implement new curriculum that requires more readily available technology $7,500 Kent Moore Cabinets
May the Force of Laptops be With You. Leslie Kurtz - CSMS Use laptops to instruct the students in which different content areas will be taught in creative and engaging ways including Nearpod, Powerpoint presentations that include Flocabulary, Excel, Publisher, and many more. $9,124 Avinext
Unleashing Students' Creative Potential with Interactive Pen Displays Lee Graebner - AMCHS Students will be able to explore and use industry standard interactive graphic pen display technology $2,500 C.C. Creations
Toolin' Up for Hands on Tech! Fey Hysmith -WMS Middle school students will start a computer club in which they can build and repair computers. $998 Matt & Kim Ege
Right Now, I am Brave: Finding Our Way Through a Pandemic Sara Lake -Greens Prairie Teachers and student will read emotionally powerful books to help them deal with the many emotions we feel during tough times. $426 Britt Rice Electric
One Size Does Not Fit All- Flexible Seating Student Choice Shannon Esparza - CSMS Students will have choice and flexibility when choosing a seating arrangement to facilitate a more engaging learning experience $2,500 Wilton’s OfficeWorks
Cultivating Mindfulness in the Zen Gym Lauren Given - Forest Ridge In these unprecedented times of Covid, the Zen Gym will be a resource for teachers and students to learn and practice stress management, emotional regulation, and mindfulness. $2,323 Amarillo National Bank
Outdoor Classroom Improvement Phase 2 Julie Hamilton - Creek View PreK and Head Start teachers use this space to teach all subjects through a outdoor center format. $7,500 Leonard & Nancy Berry
Bringing Literacy Back Melissa Crouch -Spring Creek The teachers at our school will work together to incorporate engaging and meaningful read alouds within the classroom lessons. $2,063 James & Tommie Haverland
The CODE to Success: Turning 21st Century Learners into Tomorrow's Leaders Brandon Taylor -South Knoll Computer, Art, and Music teachers will collaborate to incorporate CODING/ STEAM/ TECHNOLOGY activities into CAMP classes for ALL GRADES. $4,085 BB&T now Truist
Make Reading Fun Again - Placing New and Exciting Books in the Hands of Children Yessica De Leon - South Knoll Dual Language Teachers will provide a wide variety of popular picture books in English and Spanish, for students to read independently and with a partner or small group. $2,500 First Financial Bank
“FUN”-o-logical Awareness Melanie Wigley - Forest Ridge We will elevate phonological awareness instruction through these innovative methods and learning tools. $3,443 Leonard & Nancy Berry
Love and Logic Parenting Jennifer Laury - Cypress Grove This grant would provide funding for the facilitation of the Love and Logic Parenting program which supports parents in raising responsible, resilient, and academically successful children. $798 Baylor Scott & White Health
SOAR Time: Where Creativity and Innovation Take Flight Terresa Katt - Forest Ridge Teacher Leaders will collaborate to provide STEM learning experiences for students during a campuswide enrichment structure during the school day. $9,950 H-E-B
We are Makers! Sarah Dixon Students learn to think critically during the Makerspace experiences which can enhance their ability to problem solve. $7,467 Dexter & Co. Insurance
Animation Innovation Kimberly Rife - College View HS Animation students will use innovative drawing tablets to enhance and improve their 2D artistic abilities in a 3D setting. $1,947 Southern Smiles Dentistry
Flying Full STEAM Ahead Pam Beard - Forest Ridge & AMCHS Carear Technology Ready Set Teach students will collaborate with Forest Ridge Genious Hour teachers to design lessons using cutting edge technology. With the help of licensed adult teachers, students will program and use drones for projects in and around the school that support community, parents and student learning goals. $2,989 Dr. Mark & Teresa Benden
“Soaring into STEAM" Angie Sasse - Forest Ridge First grade teachers, partnered with SOAR teachers, will empower students to think critically, creatively, and problem solve while extending the learning that takes place during students’ weekly enrichment time $3,961 Andrews Orthodontics
Explore Numbers by Comparing the Size of Numbers Mary Worley - Rock Prairie Sumblox Mini allow students to have a hands on experience learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by comparing numbers $115 Capturing Kids' Hearts
Wheelchair Accesible Vocational Garden Mackinsey Wick -CSHS The wheelchair accesible vocational garden will give an additional location for students wih disabilities to practice vocational skills. $5,369 The Texas A&M University System, Office of the Chancellor
Calculating Success Jennifer Smith - all Middle Schools By increasing the number of calculators at the middle school level, teachers will be able to offer greater access to students. $21,075 Caldwell Country Chevrolet
Seated for Success Macy Melton - AMCMS Adding flexible, sensory friendly seating and movement options to Special Education classrooms allows students to meet their need to move and regulate their emotions without missing out on crucial, academic instruction. $2,500 Britt Rice Electric
The EdTech Cohort Lauryn Fiechtner -district-wide The Edtech Cohort provides a selected group of teachers the necessary technology, professional learning, instructional support, and connectivity to become a digitally connected educator, modeling thoughtful risk-taking and designing technology-rich learning experiences for their learners. $24,759 St. Joseph Health
Reading Reps Score Success Aaron Hogan - all elementaries This grant aims to increase the number of books that feature representative populations and develop aligned reading curriculum to engage students of all backgrounds. The project is also intended to build a continuum of exposure to texts and discussion that honors diversity and builds inclusive campus cultures. $24,000 Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital
Sounds all Around Us Judy Bratcher - River Bend Free Play Outdoor instruments are beautiful sound structures that allow small hands to have a musicial activity outdoors! $5,000 Century Square
Sulfuring Students? Helium with Chemistry! Ashley Dockan - South Knoll & CSHS High School AP Chemistry teacher and students will develop and complete demonstrations for Elementary first graders in order to grow their excitement for science. $9,441 Stylecraft
Calm, Cool & Collected Devin Henry - all elementaries Supporting our campuses during situations when students are escalating in behaviors by providing consistent tools and techniques using research-based strategies throughout our elementary populations. $6,791 St. Joseph Health
It takes a Village! Jill Emmons -Cypress Grove Each student and staff member will be put into a village and will 'compete' for points to earn village of the six weeks. $4,053 Prosperity Bank
It's a Souper Day to Help the Hungry! Lauren Cummings - Cypress Grove Teachers and volunteers will collaborate to provide weekly food bags and toiletry items as needed to students who have limited access to these items. $1,100 CSISD Education Foundation