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Teaching Grants


Let us tell you a story

The College Station ISD Education Foundation is pleased to provide opportunities annually for our teachers to apply for innovative teaching grants. The mission of these grants is to bring innovation and excitement into our classrooms.

Here are some of the great ideas by CSISD teachers this past school year!

"The Best Classrooms Are Roofed By the Sky" - Forest Ridge Elementary

Many pre-kindergarten students are already hooked on electronics and get minimal time outside. The outdoor classroom gives our littlest learners the opportunity to discover singing birds or a crawling caterpillar. The outdoor learning space had a huge impact on channeling energy and attention into things like exploring and engaging. These skills, in turn, translate into greater abilities in the classroom when it is time for academic readiness. This early childhood grant of $7,300 will benefit 100 students every year and is sponsored by Brazos Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.


"Monitors Are VITAL To Our Program" - A&M Consolidated HS

Students interested in healthcare careers can train and get certified in EKG through this vital project. The Healthcare Therapeutic track supports young technicians who are starting their EKG rotations and those who are entering the Senior Healthcare practicums. “It means so much to have equipment that is not only functional, but that is up to date with current standards, which makes a difference in our ability to prepare for the real world of hospitals,” stated Kimberly Decker, instructor at AMCHS. This health science grant of $7,400 will help train 200 students for careers in healthcare every year and is sponsored by Schultz Engineering.


"Robots Are Us" - Oakwood Intermediate

Future developers shared their skills at the Engineering Showcase. Students used iPads and Lego STEM Spike kits to build and program robots. The collaboration with A&M Engineering built technical, communication, and problem-solving skills for students, families, and the entire community. The innovative grant of $10,000 impacted hundreds of students, and was sponsored by Stylecraft Builders.



"Taking a Closer Look at Crime" - Wellborn Middle School

It’s CSI:WMS. Students in the Principals of Law class are getting hands-on experience in forensic science. This grant funded microscopes that students use to inspect fibers, hair, and blood. Future leaders in public service are gaining knowledge in law, public safety, homeland security, and emergency services. The career education grant of $2,500 will inspire ~150 students a year and is sponsored by Southern Smiles Dentistry.


“Read, Discuss, Repeat” – Forest Ridge Elementary

Howdy book lovers! Fourth graders at Forest Ridge Elementary received a bonanza of new books for their historical fiction book club selections. This grant provided Texas-themed novels, picture-supported novels, and other new titles to help integrate Texas History, Social Studies, and ELA which allowed ALL students across reading levels to participate in classroom book clubs. Thanks to Culpepper Realty for sponsoring this grant!


"Fabulous Fiber Fun For Everyone" – Greens Prairie Elementary

Students at Greens Prairie Elementary weaved their creativity as they dove into the realm of fiber art through sewing, weaving, and crocheting to create projects to beautify their campus, both indoors and outdoors! This wonderfully webbed grant of $3,600 inspired art students from Kindergarten through 4th grade and is sponsored by Whiskey Charlie’s.


"Banana Soup" - Creek View Elementary

The secret recipe for BANANA SOUP is learning, laughter, and love. This exciting show had a dash of music, a dollop of ventriloquism, a pinch of inspiration, and a spoonful of audience participation. Hilarious puppets taught students about being a good person even when life gets you down.  “I have never seen such a connection during a performance.  Not only did he connect with students, but our staff as well.  Everyone still talking about the message he brought,” said Mrs. Toland, enrichment specialist at Creek View. The social-emotional learning grant of $960 benefitted 465 students and was sponsored by CC Creations.


"We’re in a Pickle" - Cypress Grove Intermediate

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S., and it’s a fun, easy way for students to exercise. The game strengthens cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Research also shows that playing pickleball can help improve mental health, cognitive function, and memory. This physical wellness grant of $2,300 helps 550 kids get moving each year and is sponsored by Merrill Lynch.