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Employee Giving

Incentives for enrollments after August 28th are limited by availability.  

We're glad you are a part of our CSISD FAMILY!

"Receiving support from our teachers and staff is the biggest stamp of approval for us because they are the people we serve. " 

- EF Director Teresa Benden

College Station ISD employees gave record-breaking amounts in their giving to the Education Foundation in 2019 by pledging $150,000 through the Employee Giving Campaign

About half of all CSISD employees donate to the Education Foundation through payroll deduction. These funds are used to primarily support innovative teaching grants, Chrissy's Closet, the Amy Anderson Literacy Legacy and other educational programs.

If you are already giving to the Foundation, 

Thank You!

If you would like to JOIN US and support fellow teachers, staff and students through payroll deductions, we make it easy for you!

  • In appreciation, you will receive a gift from us depending on your level. (See incentives below)
  • HALF of everything you donate will be given back to your school!

    Your campus champion and principal, along with your input, will decide how these funds can best serve your campus.

Incentives (all levels are accumulative)

We are grateful for ANY gift you can make!